Oral Care for Infants

Do you have questions about how to care for your child’s smile? If so, our dentist, Drs. Jessica G. McConnell, DDS & Daniel J. Woolf, DDS, and dental team are here to help you! There are many things you should do to help your child’s little teeth and gums regularly, and we are happy to… Read more »

Introduction to Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is a dental ailment where thick, white patches fashion on the gums, the tongue, the insides of the cheeks and the bottom of the oral cavity. They cannot be scraped off, and they can sometimes be cancerous. Although there is no consensus as to the cause behind the onset of leukoplakia, a number of… Read more »

Correcting Issues That Arise During Cold and Flu Season

The harvest season comes and goes but once a year. However, your oral health care should be everlasting. No matter the season, you should make sure you continuously brush and floss your teeth. With the fall season coming, you are at a greater risk for numerous sicknesses including colds and the flu. If you happen… Read more »

A Severely Injured Tongue Might Need First-Aid

While it is rare, there are times when an impact to your chin or head causes you to bite your tongue. In an extreme situation, the trauma to your tongue can be severe. To help manage the pain and minimize complications while assessing the need for professional care, Dr. offer some of the following tips…. Read more »

Advice about Bad Breath

Halitosis, more commonly referred to as bad breath, refers to an unpleasant odor from your mouth. It is often caused by poor oral hygiene, but it may also be a sign of a far more serious ailment. Everything from the foods you eat to bad habits you keep can all play a critical role as… Read more »

Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

Your toothbrush has a big job to do: keeping your mouth and teeth clean and free of bacteria, plaque and tartar. But what about cleaning your toothbrush? The best way to keep your toothbrush clean is to rinse it thoroughly under warm water. That should be enough to remove any food particles or toothpaste that… Read more »

Your Dental Veneers Need Care Also

If you are new to having dental veneers in your smile, then it is important to remember how to care for them properly. Our team here at in , , is happy to give you advice on how to care for your dental veneers, so they can last and give you a dazzling smile for… Read more »

Take Your Smile from Vagabond to James Bond

With dental bonding treatments, minor damage and blemishes can be easily corrected. Your smile can go from average to amazing with a single treatment. With a dental bond, you can take your smile from vagabond to James Bond. For more information about dental bonding, consider the following: – Dental bonding enhancements apply resin and porcelain… Read more »

Oral Cancer Can Be Found Early Through Dental Checkups

Did you know, your dental checkup looks at more than just your teeth? Well, it’s true! Oral cancer is important to watch out for, and here at in , , we offer screenings during your checkup because it is important to address it as soon as it appears. Oral cancer can strike anywhere in your… Read more »

How Does Sugarless Gum Work to Improve Your Smile?

How does sugarless gum work to improve your smile? Your oral health care can benefit from additional cleaners beyond brushing and flossing. Studies have demonstrated that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes, preferably after eating, it can create saliva and help neutralize acids and prevent cavities. For more remarkable benefits… Read more »