Protect Yourself with Regularly Oral Cancer Screenings

Protect yourself with regular oral cancer screenings. Every year, over 40,00 Americans will find themselves diagnosed with oral cancer, so make sure to get yourself checked out regularly with oral cancer screenings. Early detection is often vital with this disease, so always look for these common signs and symptoms of the disease: – Check your… Read more »

The Importance of Your Children’s Baby Teeth

Have you ever worried about your child’s oral health? Do you brush and floss your kid’s pearly whites regularly, but wonder what you should try to keep your children’s teeth healthy and strong? You already know that flossing and brushing your teeth are extremely important. You should  also keep an eye on how their teeth… Read more »

Typical Questions About a Teen’s Oral Health

A teen’s oral health is a rollercoaster ride during the early years. Not only are the last of a teen’s permanent teeth erupting above the gum line, the wisdom teeth, but it is also a time when many social dynamics come to play that can change your desired oral health habits and decisions. Listed below… Read more »

What to Do About a Toothpaste Allergy

You may be aware that you should clean your teeth and gums twice a day for two minutes at a time with your toothbrush. Similarly, you may know that flossing daily and visiting our dentist twice a year are also important if you want to keep your pearly whites healthy. However, had you heard that… Read more »

Implants or Dentures: Which Should You Get?

Lost teeth inevitably need to be replaced. People in this position can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the options available for replacements. We at are here to help and would like to inform you of our dentures and dental implant options in , . Implants Over the years, implants have increased in popularity, and are a… Read more »

Gum Disease Warning Signs

If you have gum disease, it is important that you have it taken care of immediately. The longer you wait to confront gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, the greater the likelihood of serious damage. Most importantly, always remember to practice your daily oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing. Know the… Read more »

Win the Battle Against Tooth Decay with White Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity, or in the process of getting one fixed, a perfect option for your treatment may be our composite resin-based fillings, commonly referred to as white dental fillings. Composites are used to fill in small to medium sized fillings that dental amalgams simply cannot fill effectively. If your smile needs a restoration,… Read more »

Save Your Smile After a Tooth Extraction

Save your smile after a tooth extraction. Practice safe recovery methods for treatment to ensure your smile can remain healthy and free of infection. When a tooth is removed, the body will use its defenses to protect and close the wound left behind. Although it may seem minor, even the smallest of cuts can turn… Read more »

Daily Tips and Techniques to Help Maintain Your Partial

Your removable partial denture created by your dentist, Dr. , is designed to fit into the void left behind by your missing teeth. While it is made from durable materials that are not susceptible to tooth decay, you will still need to clean and maintain your partial each day. This will help maintain the health… Read more »

Enjoy Your Holidays with a Healthy Smile

Enjoy your holidays with a healthy smile. Our fantastic team of dentists at is here to ensure your holiday season goes off without a hitch. Oral accidents are common this time of year, so take the proper steps to protect and strengthen your teeth for this season, and many more to come. Here are just… Read more »